Monday, September 15, 2008

The Governor and I

So guess WHO called today! Not the Governor (THE Honorable and Amazing Pristine Gregoire) but HER office! And guess what they told me? She'd read my recent e-mail and thought I had some very good ideas. She plans to include some of my ideas in upcoming legislation regarding the environment!! And she wanted to know more about my ideas! She wants to hear from me again with more of my brilliant thoughts!! They didn't quite state it that way, but it was close.

Unfortunately, since getting sick my voice is about gone and the bus dropped Blue off at the exact time I was answering the phone, so I was really thrown off guard. I didn't have any good ideas to tell them off the top of my head. And I sounded like an 123 year-old lifetime smoker, with kids yelling in the back ground and a diesel bus chugging away. I had to asked a couple times: "Who's office is this?" "Are you sure?" And then I gushed profusely about her wonderful attributes:

You know, Forbes rated Washington 5th in business climate, 3rd in environmental friendliness and the Pew Center rated Washington 3rd in best managed states. All under who's watch? Gov Gregoire's! Plus Washington continues to provide health insurance for the working poor as well as mental health services and adequate food stamps for it's poor.

Back to the story though, other than being a little embarrassed that I was caught so off guard, I'm about as stoked as I come!

And in other news, if there could be "other" news...
we bought a trailer today to tote Huck's new cider press around with. We have plans with this thing, I tell you, BIG PLANS!!
And Huck, tired of supplication for an Engineering job, couldn't take one more day sitting in front of a computer looking for rejection, hopped in his car (the Old Olds or O.O. pronounced "Uh Oh", and he promised to take my name off the title, and here's a pic of the new car) and headed to the hills on Saturday. And he's been picking pears ever since. He's met a very cool orchard owner who's out in the fields all day with his pickers. And they've hit it off. He's grows old English cider apples and cider pears. And he's experienced in hard cider and is happy to help Huck learn the ropes. So, Huck's picking for $17.50 per ton of pears (that's as piddly a pay as it sounds). Some Engineering companies told him he was over qualified for the tasks they had. But apparently orchardists don't care that you have a Masters Degree, they just need their pears picked.

ALSO, MYD policies are being felt at home: Coyote was apparently poking Blue, so she slugged him. When I intervened she claimed, "He CHOSE it mom! I was his CHOICE to get punched!" Gosh, golly, gee! That school is sure effective at teaching kids!

Coyote invented a new recipe: Tomato Garlic salad. It's a "secret" recipe because it doesn't actually have garlic. You bake the tomatoes, shredded carrots and chocolate chips in a "cake" pan. We realize that most of the things we try to get him to eat probably sound about this bizarre to him. "It's yummy! With tomatoes, and onions, and garlic, and mushrooms, and eggplant! You'll really like it!"


  1. did that really happen? your life is crazy right now, therefore awesome.
    you should post the email you sent or forward it to me. i'm super curious.

  2. You think I should Post it? You know, I sent the same letter to Doc Hastings (r), my new representative and he sent me a personal letter back telling me how stupid my idea was and how I was anti old ladies and fixed income folks. But seriously, if you can't afford the gas to live in the country now... you REALLY need to rethink you're whole idea and soon! But then, he won't be in office when it's really a crisis.
    You know, it's nice to get some feedback, personalized feed back, because I've been writing these letters almost weekly for several years now. This was only my second to Gregoire though.

  3. THE LETTER! Minus the first paragraph of ebullient praise.

    "I am writing to let you know that I oppose lowering prices at the gas pump for several reasons.
    1) the high prices are hastening our necessary and inevitable move towards alternative energy sources. If we continue our path of gasoline dependence we will paint ourselves into a corner so tight that we will cause major damage to our economy and society in the long run, when we finally do have to pay the piper. 2) We do have a global warming problem and the high gas prices are a natural wonderful way to limit our green house gas emissions. These gas prices are actually the perfect opportunity to retool and rethink our living situations now, before it is too late.
    3) The high prices have many benefits for our communities. On a recent Tuesday night dinner out, I was amazed to see the restaurant filled to capacity. I asked management what the deal was and they said that higher gas prices mean people are staying, eating and buying in town. This "crisis" is actually a boon for local businesses in smaller towns and I'm surprised that you aren't championing that. It is a joy to see more people riding buses and using the bike lanes. Small towns will be strengthened and will become better places to live and do business as gas prices rise.
    4) Due to high gas prices, gas tax revenues are down. I think we should raise gas taxes even more, but give a gas tax exception or rebate to long haul truckers and farmers. These people do need to stay in business and make some profit as they provide essential, life sustaining services for the rest of us.
    In short: these gas prices are an opportunity that we do not need to fix, but need to take advantage of and grow with. They are the perfect opportunity.
    Thank you for listening to my voice.
    -Sarajoy "

    Okay, now no one kill me. I do like high gas prices. It's a free country and I can think whatever convoluted thoughts I want. It's not hurting anyone, yet.

  4. thanks for posting it. i'm really impressed that the governor would agree with you. it seems like such a radical view. i love washington!
    also, you could tell doc hastings that you actually formulated these ideas when you lived in a fixed income (i think student loans/grants qualifies). so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  5. I'm so glad you wrote that letter! I've been telling people this for years. Back when gas was 89 cents I was saying that gas is going to have to get to be at least 5 bucks a gallon before people will finally change - and what do you know...??? Thanks, I have never actually written any politicians, I kindof assume other people are but maybe I should do such also. That's super awesome! later, Julie.

  6. love the blog. it's just like reading your diary but i'm not snooping cause you invited me to. I'm thinking it would be fun to see you all this weekend since it's your birthday. happy bday. wi;; you be around? send me an email and let me know. love ya



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