Friday, September 12, 2008

My eventful life, as viewed from the couch

So, I've had a fever, headache, sore throat, etc. etc. and camped out on the couch: Ah ha! I thought something THAT exciting would catch your interest!

Yet things happen, even with me sidelined.

1) Huck bought a cider press. Quite a big investment in a so-far nebulous vision he's sprouting. We have no place to put it.
2) The 6 year old neighbor girl pulled Coyote off the bottom of their pool today. He was waterlogged, coughing up lots of water. Huck was chatting with the dad and took his eyes off for just a few seconds. ICK!! I'd had a nightmare about that last night, only it was Blue. I don't think it was necessarily a premonition because I probably have nightmares about that every night. Here's a photo of swimming lessons this summer. He might have learned a lot more if he hadn't been staring at his teacher's chests the whole time. THAT BOY!

3) Mom and Dad spent the night on their leaking aero-bed.
4) So Huck and I went for a date! Not that we really needed one; we've spent, probably, way too much time together lately. We took a spontaneous hike up to these stone outcroppings that loom over Wenatchee like a natural castle. Almost to the top, we had to cross a scree. Half way across, it decided to take me down. Mistake 1: freezing on a sliding scree. Mistake 2: wearing boat sized Birkenstocks that just encourage more sliding and trap rocks in your sandals. Once stabilize, we decided to turn back, rather than face the rest of the scree. I grabbed the one plant for stability and that caused a slide above me. Lesson: when on a sliding scree, keep moving forward as quickly as possible! And wear appropriate shoes...
5) So then we went out to this place called Shakti's, advertising wi-fi. I thought it'd be a little Indian dive. Instead it was FANCY FANCY. And expensive. So there I was, with dust up and down my legs and two dusty hand prints on my shorts and my baseball cap. Since I was already out of line, I put the cap at a wonky angle. Such a rebel! The food was okay, but not art, as the prices implied. And there wasn't a dang thing Indian about it, no coconut milk even! Shakti is Hindi for "energy."
6) I met up with M yesterday. I always meet this woman just when I need to hear something she has to say. The last time was the day after Huck quit. She told me that she quit her first two pharmacy jobs after 2 weeks and 4 months. One of the many that has assured me it's perfectly normal for the first job out of college to be a bad fit. So this time she was helping in her son's 2nd grade class and saw Blue's name.
She says, "Boy, you sure lucked out!!"
"Did you try to get her in to this class?"
"This is the best team of 2nd grade teachers in the district. They offer the most enrichment programs, the only gifted programs. They're amazing."
I shared with her my perspective.
"Yeah, they hit the rules hard the first few weeks, but that's because they cover so much material and really push the kids academically, more than the others. Kids that come out of their class are set and will be ahead next year."
Yeah, but...
"This school has a lot of kids that don't have discipline at home, so they have to get those kids up to speed on rules or the whole year will be wasted on disciplining them and not teaching anyone."
But their method is a little tough on the kids that like to obey, like Blue.
But then Blue can't have her academics held back by kids that don't listen and teachers that spend all their time chasing after them.
Okay, but I still think the MYD program is F-ed. And I think the teachers could allow for some variation on personalities and discipline in the kids. And laughing should still be allowed!

Back to the couch to watch more WILD LIFE!! or maybe I'll take a break from reality for a Poirot mystery...

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