Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Way Things Are

For those of you not in the know, life gets hectic. Add some kids and no matter how little you try to do, life remains a zooming blur and viola: you don't Blog often.

Yesterday we bought 1200 pounds of apples! ORGANIC! Honeycrisp and Jonnagolds. Huck's new friend Bruce has been an angel: he's letting us store and press at his orchard. And since he provides Stemilt with most of their organic cherries, he bought us these apples for $.225 per pound! We will repay him of course, and hook him up with the hard-cider gravy-train. We've got four carboys now and are working on some used white wine barrels. Friday, we're having a little pressing party with Bruce and his girlfriend. But Huck's so stoked about getting it all set up today that he can't wait and he's begging me to press tomorrow, just a little, just to get the feel. Huck even spent half the day plucking his SECRET INGREDIENT.

Last weekend we headed to Seattle for Huck's Baba's funeral. It was small. She died six months ago (rest assured: no open casket) after 15 years of Alzheimer's which is WAY longer than anyone should have to live with that. That last 5 years she was not present, and was unable to focus her eyes or speak. It was awesome to see Huck's only cousin (on that side) and her new baby, thereby providing the complete, majestic circle of life (in the alternative view, you could find a newborn at a funeral rather depressing: as in "this is what you're working towards, kid"). You may have heard this before, but Huck's cousin is head counsel for Google. Not only that, she and her husband are both very great people to goof around with and talk to. And their baby is pretty much as easy and wonderful as they come, not that any of them are easy. Molly Mehitabel is beautiful and calm, and tempting!

Recipe for impromptu strobe light: place newborn on 7 year-old's lap in room full of tipsy, older relatives with cameras. Flash! Flash! Flash!

We let Blue put blue gel in her hair today. It was her idea. I don't know where she got it but I assume it has to do with kids at school. I ascribe to the parenting ideal: pick your battles wisely. Not that this was shaping up into a battle, because I thought the idea was pretty cute too. Blue's also developed a vocabulary of teen-isms, only she says them all with a Mexican accent! Ohmygo-o-od!

King Louis visited the vet today, who just happened to have graduated from WSU four months ago and we knew lots of the same people. In fact he'd helped our neighbor/vet move! The response when King Louis leaped from his carrier was typical: "OH MY GOD! WHAT A HUGE CAT!" But since he spent 3 + 2 weeks missing, he'd lost 5 pounds. He's not blubbery, just really tall and poofy. It turns out King Louis has acne. ACNE! CAT ACNE! And the vet actually told me to get OXY PADS!! So I did. Who knew?

Coyote told us about his secret super powers tonight. He's got several but the house favorite is: "Crosswalk Powers!"

And also, after two weeks, a phone call and some prodding the Wenatchee World finally published my letter: It's the bottom one which they titled "Gregoire's Management".

I crossed another of life's major milestones today: I've now cleared 32 51/52s in human years. I know. It was a big one. But I think I survived. The ego is in tact. Mostly.

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