Wednesday, October 22, 2008

X-actly what I wanted!

After 6 months of deliberation I charged forward with a major purchase today: a desk mounted pencil sharpener. Have you used one recently? Whizz, zoom, snap and SHARP! We've had these tiny little plastic things populating (and repopulating) our house, but their job is apparently to break off the lead the second it's exposed. So, after months of fantasizing, I finally accomplished my dream! Within minutes, the holes in our computer desk were drilled, and then I went to TOWN! I got all 5,378 broken pencils in our house and I gleefully sharpened each to Samari-pleasing points. Our little tin box with Blue-inked dutch children ice-skating the canals is now a full arsenal of weapons-grade pencils. Even the colored ones. It was depressing, sitting around my house, glaring at all the useless pencil tips, seeking in vain for a pencil to write with, aching to provide my children with all the joys of colored pencils. And now! Success! Joy! Glee!

Easily amused? INDEED! If you aren't easily amused in this world, you're never going to be amused.

As a little addendum to this episode. I installed it backwards. On accident. But now it's great for lefties! And you just have to crank it backwards. Clearly, it's MY pencil sharpener. But I would have installed it backwards on purpose, if I'd known, because I AM a Lefty, and our brains, like our pencil sharpeners, work better backwards anyway.

Speaking of canal skating dutch children... The other day I was wondering about all the irrigation here. In the extremely unlikely event that all 11,000 area damns were to suddenly become electrically barren, how would the apple trees survive? So, I asked myself, aloud, what if you could use some other form of energy to pump that water? Maybe wind? Seems like wind should easily, mechanically, pump the water. Huck was nearby, overhearing my externalize internal dialog. I wondered then, if maybe something like windmills could pump water, so I turned to Huck and asked, "Do you think wind mills could pump the irrigation water?" And he responded, with as little laughter as he could, "Do you think it's any coincidence that a dutch girl like you suddenly had that brilliant idea?" Okay, it wasn't so original, but it's a GREAT idea! Time tested, in fact!

A Post Script about the Barter Fair: the trucks that cleaned out the outhouses every night bore this message, "Yesterday's Meals On Wheels." EEEWE!!

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