Friday, January 9, 2009

Here now.

Here we are!
the kids wanted to know what "batting your eyes" meant. We tried to show them. I do not think they understood as the result was neither attractive nor inviting.

You wouldn't believe how easy it is to fit a family of 4 into a 600 square foot apartment. What helps:
a storage unit for off season items,
selling off large items of furniture,
loaning out enormous family heirloom pieces that you're not allowed to sell off,
merciless culling of randomness,
shelving, lots and lots of shelving.
And the big one: lay out.

The huge windows frame beautiful views: the orchard, the lake, the canyon walls, as well as the trailer park and the huge power lines. There are at least 10 horses within a 1/4 mile radius from our place! And there are two families of Coyote's with new crazy pups running around here. The farmer is really in to birds and they spend 100's on bird seed to keep them around. Apparently birds are great for peach pests but don't bother the peaches. Our cat loves birds too. The farmer may find that he spends 100's to fill his cat feeders.

I'm also loving the chlorine free well water. No more stomach ache vs. dehydration dilemma!

Living here takes some pressure off of the FUTURE to produce an escape from the soul-sucking McApt. If an engineering job does not materialize, then we can pay most of our monthly bills. And we lov it here, so we feel less restless. There's no need to escape. There's no need to be rescued. The future can come at it's own pace because we are now enjoying the present.

We continue our whilrwind tour through Washington State public schools with a look at Rock Island school. The crowning glory of the entire region, this school brings in kids from the city whose parents are obsessed with finding a the best education they can for free. What we've learned is that each school district is run completely differently. Lewis and Clark focused on math reasoning and Spanish. Rockis Land focuses on literary reasoning. Blue's had the first spelling and vocabulary tests ever. And she suddenly had to write a book summary this week. She hates spelling, and she's not good at it. Neither was I. But she's being nominated again for the gifted program (third time!). I worry about changing schools too much and obviously we are at that point already. However, even as I type she's romping through the orchard with the Walky Talky. To me, changing schools is bad, but is it as bad as having no place but a parking lot to play in?

As you can tell, the last few weeks have been a little bit busy. Our Christmas was anything but relaxing:
one afternoon/evening in Seattle,
another in Bellevue,
a morning in Snohomish,
a white Christmas drive to Salem, with a day at the beach again. AND Again, I managed to get 100's of photos of waves and sea lions and none of my family!
a drive back, returning home on Sunday night.
Both Huck and I have friends in the Seattle area we want to see, but family has such rabid dibs on our time, that we're as squeezed as it gets already.

Back at Wenatchee:
Monday: pack
Tuesday: 16 hrs loading and unloading a moving van all by ourselves, in heavy snow. It was a mid-week and no one wanted to use vacation time to help. Imagine that!
Wednesday: sent heirloom piano to visit someone else for a while, delivered couch, on 5 hours of sleep, while the kids begged to HOST a New Years Eve party! Asleep by 8:30 pm.
Thursday: New Years Day, cleaned McApt
Friday: unpacked
Saturday: waded through boxes looking for anything
Sunday: Holy Cow

In other news, Pipitone farm supplies organic apricot wood for the ovens of the bakery on Orcas Island where my sister worked for years. Another wacky connection here.

And my parents finally closed on their house in Salem! And my mom got an amazing job as a secretary for an Oregon state senator! Wow! 2008 kind of mostly sucked for them and then those last few days slammed them with great stuff. Very cool.

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