Monday, February 2, 2009

Peace shall come...

...when the nations shall hammer their whoopie cushions into cradles? This obscure Biblical reference introduces Coyote's latest creation. Apparently whoopie cushions are common enough around here to be considered a raw material for our dolls.

And I'm posting some photos from the farm. This is where I'd want to raise my kids. Our back yard is a lake with public access meadows and woods all around it. Everyday, we can walk down, through the rows of peach trees, through the old milk weed meadows, the once-upon-a-homestead corkscrew willows, and the wild junipers to the lake's edge. It's a talkative lake that's creaking, groaning, and popping a lot now that it's over 40 degrees. This is good: no car, no roads, nothing stands between me and nature. I simply leave my door and there she is. Although, I am getting a little sick of her shabby-chic, frosted-leaf look.

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