Sunday, April 5, 2009

A chunk of something operatic

The kids are eating yogurt.
C "I just got a chunk of something."
B "It's probably sugar or cream."
C "Really?"
B "No. Mom bought it for us, so it's probably just a chunk of healthiness."
C "I like the kind Oma and Opa get for us. That has chunks of sugar."

I was commenting to someone about Coyote, that his current interests would predict a future of opera and baseball.
"Hard to see how those would combine."
"Not really," I said. And I suddenly had a vision, as if I were there, on the astro-turf, singing in his baseball opera. And then, I dove head first in to it: I actually improvised a segment of that opera to my Real Estate Agent and the Inspector's Wife! What I was thinking, I cannot imagine. I think, now in retrospect, that I was not thinking at all. In my falsetto opera voice, I belted out a tune about how I was hitting the ball, it popped straight up, and then the tragedy laid me low, low, low down. It was a foul ball.

Certainly, there is no market for this.

In some regard, I wish you could have been there. In other ways, I'm very glad you weren't. And now I will brag for a second: it was REALLY FUNNY!!! And I am not the only adult that thought so. But it's always hard puzzle out what people are laughing at: me or the opera? But at least they didn't stand there, in silent shock. Huck and the kids loved it and keep demanding that I do it over and over again. And because I continue to play the fool, I am telling you about it.

And then there was this funny little cherry on top: someone asked me if I taught our kids music lessons! I have never been accused of having an iota of musical ability. But she disagreed. That's my fake opera voice, I noted, THAT can carry a tune, but not my real voice. My real singing voice will be taped and played back to us all in hell. That is what my real singing voice was made for.

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