Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rather than clean

Honestly, I'm supposed to be cleaning. My sister's coming this week and I need all of our 600 square feet spanky clean. In this place, even the tiniest little mess seems huge. I walk in with the mail and it's ~*PANIC*~: "This has to go somewhere right now!!!!" It'll only take an hour, two if I want to organize the papers I'll clear off the flat places. But here I am instead.

Ooops about those pictures on my last post. They don't quite fit on there. You may already be aware that my tech skill set has a few holes in it. But things could be worse. My last boss was King Technophobe III. He was really attached to MSDOS Windows95, in 2005. He'd passed up an entire decade of upgrades! He'd say, "I want those interrogatories done by Thursday."
And I'd respond, "Are you sure? Y/N"
And he'd say, "N. Finish them by this afternoon."
And I'd say, "Control Fu."
And he'd say, "Control Alt Delete."
And I'd say, "Are you sure? Y/N"
And he's say, "N. I need those done."
I even had my office painted blue, in hopes that he'd listen to me more.
Anyway, Mr. Windows95, Esq. was outed as capable when we found out he had figured out both 1) e-bay and 2) how to become addicted to it. The staff then took measures to forcefully remove the virus called Windows95 from the office. We did this delicately. That being North Idaho, the boss kept a gun in the office.

I'm going to try again with some pictures. Forgive me if I mess up. You deserve better.

The orchard blossomed mightily this week. All of a sudden: BAM!! BAM! BAM! POP!! The whole thing slammed into spring. And the weight of winter lifted. And everything felt good again. I can actually stand up straight, naturally, without an hour of yoga. The trick? Taking off the bulky winter coat.
I got a full moon stroll in the warm wind through the white orchard this week. And I even got a sweet scented little nap one afternoon, under the hum of happy bees. And here's an odd sight that caused a double take on Good Friday:
That one's for my mom.

The Easter Bunny hid WAY TOO much candy around the place this morning. Damn Rabbit. How about some carrots?

I stayed home all week. Because last week I drove: Wen to Spoke, Spoke to Wen, Wen to Salem, Salem to Spoke, and Spoke to Wen again! Sheesh! If I sat in the car one more second, my ass was going to stand up, slap me across the face, tell me to get someone else to sit on, and walk out on me.

Here are photos of the traveling week. Rushing water in a hurry to travel long distances seemed to be the theme.
M. Falls in Oregon

Spokane Falls:

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  1. "Our" orchard is going nuts too. I love it! The apple trees are just starting but the plums are in full blossoming glory. Spring is finally here!



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