Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post Doc

Excuse me! I apparently have a lot to say this month.  I apologize.

And now for a rare political moment:
Have you ever tried to mail a letter from Mexico?  Malawi?  Paid half a days wages at a P.O. that may or may not be open for a letter that may or may not make it there?  Luckily, that's not the case in my neck of the woods.  The U.S. has one of the best, least expensive, most highly functioning postal services in the world.  I get my Netflix next day.  My mortgage payment ALWAYS makes it there.  I've waited, maximum, 15 minutes in line.  So what is with this alarm bell that a government run, or even regulated, health care system would look like the Postal Service.  That's not an alarm bell!  That's a celebratory ringing in the belfry.  If my health care system could look anything like the postal system, bring it on!  I want my health care to go postal! Currently my health care looks like it's run by Chrysler and Enron.

The real tragedy would be if the Postal Service started to look like our current health plan.  My family would pay $4000 a year, just in case we wanted to mail something.  Then, if we should need to mail something, we'd have to pay full price until our family deductible of $8000 is met.  After that, we'd only have to pay 20% of all mailings.  If we wanted to mail something locally, no problem, it's 80% covered so long as we've paid the monthly postal premium, and have met the deductible.  By the way, each year both the premium and the deductibles would be raised by 40%.

Should we want to mail something out of area, say Valentines for Grandma's in Seattle, we'd have to see the specialist.  This would require an appointment made two months in advance.  And once we get there, we still have to wait two hours to see the postal worker.  They break that up into waiting in line time and standing at the counter but it's still two hours (seriously) before you even get to the weigh/stamp/pay procedure.  Then, they'd mail your package off to New York, because they weren't listening when you said Seattle. Postal Workers would also kill a lot of citizen through careless errors, rather than taking out a few every decade with a rampage.  Now that would be a postal service to complain about.  I wouldn't want my health care looking like THAT either... oh... wait...


  1. It's amazing how like cock roaches we are! So good at living in conditions no other animal would tolerate!

  2. Really. It's amazing.

    I thought of another government organization I'd like my health care to look like: the MILITARY! The highest tech and best funded in the world.

    I'm seeing a private practice neurologist in a small office with the world's worst secretary. My mail carrier is FAR more competent and quick.

    And also, at the grocery store the other day, I got the doziest clerk ever. And she works for a private corporation! According to some health care critics, this is completely impossible. Only people working for the government are incompetent goobers... right?!... apparently they speak from example.



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