Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guest Column Alert PLUS Bonus Recipe, no charge

Cute Coyote
For those of you not on Facebook and thus so easily directed to my guest column, here is the link to the latest: Depth Perception.

And also, yesterday I traversed several steep emotional shifts.  High: watching the new Muppets Movie with my kids.  Obviously (to everyone else in the retro discount Garland Theater), I loved that Movie so very very much I had to capitalize it.  I discovered at the check out at Value Village that everything was 50% off: score-o-rama.  Blue picked up some snazzy red tennis and I got some vintage-y coats.  Then ALL of my DREAMS came true as I washed a pile of dishes while my children whined at me.  And then I watched my brother make the news.  Also: the cat barfed in three rooms AND Huck's out of town which means that I can clean it up and thereby barf in three rooms myself. Me and the kitty: Barf Buddies FOREVER!  And this morning I overslept, thereby making Coyote one full hour late for school and he was such a good sport about it.

Black-bottom cupcakes also make good kitty cushions
AND I made the world's best Gluten Free Dessert.  Without using FREAK ingredients.
I know people don't come here for recipes, and goodness knows I support that decision but Blackbottom cupcakes were my favorite as a kid and here's my recipe.  I Frankensteined it together with absurdly awesome results, better than the originals if I do say so myself:

Sarajoy's No-Freak-Ingredients Gluten-Free Black-Bottom Cup-Cakes
1 8oz package of cream cheese purchased on-sale, plus a coupon for $1.00, softened
1 good egg, chickenshit washed off
1/3 cup white sugar from a #12 bag that takes up half the pantry
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips, minus five for tasting...or ten or so, that part is flexible

4 ozs ancient semisweet chocolate found in back of pantry
1/2 c butter (or a full cube, your choice) on sale, with coupon, frozen for 2 months
1/2 c cocoa powder
3 beaten eggs, or two egg yolks from a prior eggwhite recipe and two fresh eggs from the barn, chicken shit washed off, preferably
1tsp vanilla extract from a one gallon container you've been using for 10 years, from Mexico

Directions: preheat oven to 300 or 350 or somewhere in between, my oven doesn't "do temperatures" and so I am perhaps erroneously assuming that's the range it stayed in.

Butter a dozen cupcake things.  yes, only a dozen. 

Beat cream cheese, 1 egg and sugar.  Add chocolate chips, tasting regularly to make sure it's right, set bowl  within snitching distance.

Melt chocolate and butter on low.  Meanwhile, beat together eggs, cocoa powder (covering kitchen with brown chocolate dust), sugar and vanilla.  Beat in melted chocolate butter mixture.  Fill cupcake holes evenly with chocolate mixture. Top with cream cheese mixture, leaving enough in both bowls to make licking them out worthwhile.  Pop in oven for about 27 minutes.  I started checking for doneness at 20 minutes.  Cool for ten minutes AT LEAST before dumping out.  Wash face and destroy evidence.


  1. Yum! Your posts always make me smile, which I should tell you more often...Lord knows we all need more post-post validation.

  2. Mmmmmmmm. Just in time, because the last of the cupcakes you left me with vanished this morning!

  3. Emergency recipe instructions: do not attempt to make the chocolate cake part without adding 3/4 cup sugar!!!! This is SERIOUS. The sugar can be added at anytime to the chocolate cake mixture, but it MUST be added. Do NOT try this recipe without the sugar.

  4. ha ha! Did you make these cupcakes from MY kitchen!!!!?? Thanks!!!
    I actually just through away that old mexican bottle of vanilla!!

  5. Sarah Joy,

    I love your blog, even if I can't eat anything.

  6. Dear Awesome readers, Thanks!



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