Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bloggity blog blog

What a trickle of posts here!  I knew March would be sparse on writing time, what with two separate conference weeks for kids, Huck leaving town, spring break, my parents visiting and all the plants showing up... but it's been far more absurd than I imagined!

I never seem to take a bite, but it's more than I can chew.  Why-oh-why did I START with a 3000 square foot garden?  And why 40 trees the first year?  Why can't I just trickle these things in?  I've got a vision and a gift certificate to Burnt Ridge Nursery burning a hole in my time.  And all these bare root plants are arriving in the middle of our delayed winter.  Sideways snow and ice and hail and all.  100 mph winds.  40 below.  And I'm crawling around in the dirt with frozen, splitting hands, shoveling out holes for 6 nuts trees, 17 shrubs, 4 other trees, 25 strawberries, 5 raspberries and I've got 25 asparagus crowns and 18 fruit trees on the way.  And the irrigation is hung up at the check out counter, so I'm hand watering.  ACK!!  In a word: Spring.  It's bounced me out so far I don't know when I'll land again.

My life has also been swallowed by that insatiable monster: Little league.  I'm not thrilled.  Those two hours after school are for free play, finding oneself, knowing what that feels like, recovering from the day, etc.  Not for moms to shovel snacks down the poor kids throats, toss them into the car, and chuck them onto some frozen tundra where a coach directs their every move.  But Blue wanted to try it this year.  And you never know when some thing is going to catch a kid's interest.  So... I signed both kids up.  They didn't post the schedule when I signed up back in January and now I see why.   It looks like the next seven to eight weeks I'll be screaming around every evening, all evening, rushing and pushing and stressing.  Some experts say that kids need to get involved in sports so they can be exercised and avoid unhealthy distractions.  And then other experts claim that kids need to have dinner with the family every night.  I'm not seeing how it's possible to do both, however.

That dinner thing, THAT is more my speed.  We read a prayer from the global, pan-religious book, "Grace." In winter we light a candle.  Then we all say something, anything, we're thankful for, dig in and recollect the days events together.  But I can't see how we can do after-school sports AND dinner together.  I don't know how other families do it, but for the next 8 weeks, I give up.  "Uncle" already, okay?! And I'm not sure I'm going to sign the kids up for these things anymore.  It's so crazy making.  And craziness can't be good.

Speaking of crazy, we're off to Seattle for HonkFest tomorrow.  Huck's playing his bone with his old troupe, the Anti-Fascist Marching Band, and I'm tagging along in my traditional capacity as tone-deaf arm-candy.  Well... I hope I'm tagging along (and Arm-Candy may be over-stating my capacity to adequately accessorize the maestro).  I might be stuck here after this morning...when  I stepped out of the shower and slipped in Coyote vomit.  I hope that clears up before we cram ourselves in the car and skid over the pass in it's fresh duvet of April snow, several feet deep.

I was going to whisper in your ear more fabulous secrets about my life in the fast lane, but a Pokemon DVD is screaming in my own ears right now and I can't think.  Go blogger, go bloggy blog!!

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  1. Oh if only we could figure out the trickling in of things. I was laughing when I read your post because we got about 25 native trees and shrubs, 12 or so fruit trees, 50 bare root doug firs and cedars, raspberries, rhubarb, seed potatoes, etc, etc, etc and it's our first year at our place too. Then we realized we had to plant them all! We're still not finished. Some of the plants even died in the pots. Fortunately, and unfortunately, we've had torrential rain. This means the plants are getting watered but we can't plant anything because every hole instantly fills up with water. And then there are all the seeds to start soon. Arrggh! We are wishing we would have taken it a little slower. Also, you're brave doing the sports. We just don't do them. I made it a personal policy because I need my unwinding time in the afternoon way too much. Luckily, our kids haven't really asked yet.



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