Friday, September 3, 2010

the parent trap

So Sarajoy, you ask, why are you blogging here with one leg high in the air?  And why isn't your son in school?  And how is it that you are still alive? And how does it feel to be celebrating your two year anniversary of a poorly circulated blog?  Why are you still blogging?

Good questions, all of them.  And I hope to answer some for you right here, on my public (supposedly) blog.

Coyote is not in school today because we are "choicing" our kids in to a better, closer school in Cheney, rather than shipping them out across the tundra on hours long bus rides.  And Coyote didn't get in.   Getting that phone call last week was not quite devastating, as I've had the very best summer with my kids.  However a marathon runner may love to run, moving the finish line a mile down just as she's approaching is a little cruel.  I'd paced myself all summer.  I'd spread the summer camps and visits out.  I'd planned for the lulls in between.  And, as a matter of pure survival, I cleared my entire to-do list these last two weeks for one large MUST-DO.  My list: SURVIVE.  This meant pools and beaches and camping in friend's back yards and yes... canning, jamming and salsifying peaches until I wept peach juice all over the kitchen tiles, slipped, knelt and begged the peach gods to make it stop.  Two peaches left!

But now.. what of this?  This "bonus" summer? My choice was to wait a week, see if he got in later, then make my decision.  Everyone wanted to know what I would do if I didn't get in.  And I thought: that would be a total waste of precious brain space if he does get in.  I'll figure it out if we get there.  Meanwhile,  I resurrect my list of projects to be done.  I'm readying the garden for winter.  I'm stacking tons (literally) of hay all by myself!  Coyote and I have read together, puzzled, origami-ed, baked cookies.  But I need to get back to some of my personal goals which have been on hold all summer and the hiatus has created an existential crisis of crisis proportions.

Yesterday, Coyote made a "chicken trap", intended for our escaping poultry.  But this morning, the trap must have gotten confused.  I am no chicken.  I have no feathers and I lay no eggs.  And I have never taken such a spastic, hard fall before.  And never face first into a pile of composting chicken crap.  But now... I can update my life-list of exciting falls!  Coyote ran over to me, saw my de-footed shoe stuck in his trap, a good 8 feet away from where I landed, and sheepishly offered to get it out.  I'm not blaming him, per se.  I really should have been watching where I was stepping.  But... Coyote, Coyote, coyote... what next? Anvils from the roof tops?

I don't know if I should go to the doctor.  On the one hand, it kills to walk.  And it's got a greenish lump sticking out the bottom. And I just noticed a hard purple lump sticking out of my palm.  On the other hand, we haven't met the deductible yet and I don't have $600 laying around. I'll just wait until Tuesday... sweet sweet Tuesday to decide about that.

The day's to-do list was replaced with a movies-to-watch-list which makes me wonder if Coyote might have meant to catch a mom after-all.  A movie-trap!

Anyway... a day late and a dollar short, the school called and Coyote is in.  First Grade! ...for those of you following our controversy.  He's mostly ready, it seems, although the other day, after going pee in the potty, he came up to me and asked me how proud I was that he was finally potty trained.  And I paused, played along, and said ...very proud!  But why is there a turd rolling from your shorts?  So... he's mostly first grade ready.  And he's taught himself to read this summer via the daily comics.

But am I ready? This is the second summer I've had off with my kids and I loved it.  In contrast to working through the summer for $2/hr after childcare costs.  And in contrast to having just moved umpteen times. 
But in the past week, every time I'd wax sentimental about the kids and the setting of the summer sun, fisty cuffs and whining would sear through my day dreams.

Tuesday, lets chant!  Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!  Tuesday, I will me free... and a little bit lonely without the greatest little people I've ever been privileged to birth.  T-minus-4 days.

PS: JUST now got the camera back!  That was a pricey fix, but worth it considering I don't have to find a new camera, learn a new camera, and navigate a new up-load program!  Pictures coming someday!

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