Saturday, January 10, 2009

A nice introduction

One of Blue's vocabulary words this week was "Natural." They worked on this at school, outside of my jurisdiction. I distractedly sorted through the week's worksheets and chuckled mildly at this sentence for Natural: "I was a natural birth." Cute. And then I saw the picture she drew:

Notice the mothers mouth. And the position of the baby's head.
This is obviously a drawing of Coyote's birth, not hers. I can tell because I was wearing different clothes and I was kneeling when she was born.
Blue watched the last minute of Coyote's birth. It was a decision I made about 6 seconds before, though I'd had nine months warning.
She claims to not remember it. But the drawing is very clear.
And thusly, our family is introduced to the Rock Island Elementary School.

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