Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is this the REAL THING?

So it looks like some one other than me has finally noticed what an amazing person Huck is. And they've offered him a job. Not just any old job, no. His dream job. What he went to school for. What he envisioned from the get go. Here it is. He'll be cleaning up mine tailings and airforce drippings, on long term government contracts. So it will hopefully be stable over these next few years. Seems like he might have gotten the last job in America.

The offer stunned us: every part of it is amazing. And they actually sound as excited as we are!

The company is huge, one of the largest of its kind. Eight years ago, would we have thought that cool? Hell NO! But after what we just went through, we're very happy about it. This means hiring is standardized, pay is regular, insurance is assured (he's reading the BOOKLET on that right now!).

Whatever shit happened last time, this is the exact opposite. The contract has been signed. The pee has been pissed. The background has been checked. And he starts in 2 weeks. Today, he officially became a real employee.

They've been talking together since November. Things seemed promising. But we know all about "promising". We didn't want to count on it and have the rug pulled out from under our tootsies. So we went on with life as if it wasn't going to happen. But then the offer actually came.

When he got the offer, I cried. I've sucked it in for so long. I've been such a big girl. And I just let it all flow out and away. It still doesn't feel real.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention my least favorite part: it's in Spokane. I know Spokane fairly well. And I don't really like it. It has its perks. But it's scuzzy and sex-offender infested (the national sex offender prison is just outside of town.) But it'll definitely do.

Now the logistics begin. They are just logistics, as compared to the big fears we've just been facing. Huck will move first, to make sure it's a real job, leaving me as a weekday single mom, which is not really my forte. Then we'll start looking for a permanent place for the family. Blue will not change schools again unless we are fairly certain where we will be staying put. And then there's the moving, AGAIN! AUGHH! But it's a burden I'm happy to carry.

I still can't believe it. If this is a dream, don't wake me for a long long time.

Even though it snowed today, it's springtime in our home.

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