Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not at the Pinnacle

We found ourselves at the Peshastin Pinnacles on Sunday. We didn't mean to go, but there we were! The appeal of those twisting rock spires was too much for us and we all unanimously decided to hike up. The sign read: "Warning: all trails are extremely steep and treacherous". But that was obviously for Other people.

There was a group of geared-up climbers working on Orchard Rock. And that inspired the kids. After slipping, sliding, falling, and scraping followed quickly by my pleading to just get back on the trail, we returned, bloody and bruised, to the sandy switch backs. This trail goes straight up between stone outcroppings via a tight, steep zigzag. Almost to the top, I lost my marbles; down they tumbled, down, down, down. It was the kids: Coyote was intentionally tripping and walking silly and Blue was running and NOT listening at all. 200 feet up a cliff!! So, holding everyone's hands, I dragged us all back down, nearly in tears from the stress. The irony is that you do your best to keep your kids safe, and sometimes they make it so difficult and unpleasant that you almost wonder why you try. Recommendation: if you happen across Peshastin Pinnacles and your kids are feeling silly and saucy, take a picture from the parking lot and just LEAVE!

Huck's life is much more interesting than mine is this week, so I'm just going to report on that. Yesterday was his first day as a substitute. He taught elementary school music! And today he's teaching middle school Special Ed. What a varied and curious job that is, emergency substitute! Apparently all you need is a college degree and a clean back ground check.

Meanwhile I'm lost. I think I've been in a mid-life crisis since I was 16. What am I doing with my life? What's the plan? When does it make sense and start to come together? Suggestions? Critique? Scathing review? Hollow encouragements? Leave a comment!


  1. Sarajoy, you are doing great! Scott shared your blog address and I am enjoying reading about your family - hope that is OK. I'm sure things feel a bit unsettled, but I have always been impressed with your ability to challenge yourself and others and come out stronger.

  2. Hey Jen! Thanks for the encouraging note... I just found it. It sounds like you are having some wonderful adventures working on your new abode. I am so happy for you guys! Hope all is well.
    And you are more than welcome to read my blog!



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