Sunday, September 21, 2008

Soap Lake and more!

Soap Lake: My brain somehow "remembered" that is was a 100*F lake. But as I leapt from the car and sprinted for the shallow muddy lake, I discovered that it was NOT actually a HOT spring. Not at all!! However it is a mineral spring lake. The wind whips up a lather on the surface and fills the beach with suds, hence the name, Soap Lake. There was no wind on the day we went, but the shore is all dried white suds. The rumor is that you cover yourself in this lake's mud, let it dry and then wash it off in the water. The Native Americans around here called it "Smokiam," which is "healing waters." We (all but Coyote) slathered ourselves with the green/black sulfurous mud. But, as it dried, I found myself covered in tiny yellow worms!! ICK!! As I frantically washed off the mud, my hair spontaneously broke into a lather. I don't know if I was healed of any ailments, but my skin and hair felt awesome.

And yesterday I got talking with some of the Democrat brass around here. Impressed with my knowledge of the issues and opinions (that's what SHE said!), they comp-ed me their only free ticket to Gregoire's fund raising dinner here next weekend. And that was very very exciting for me. I've wanted to go, but it's too expensive. With one ticket free, we can manage the other one and the babysitting too! I hope I can find a babysitter!

Huck and I are celebrating our Solstice Anniversary this weekend. We have been legally married 7 years. You'll note our daughter is already 7, therefore our anniversary number doesn't reflect the whole picture of years together.
Huck's dad is over for the weekend and the kids spent the night at the cabin he rented. He also gave us a gift certificate to a really great restaurant: Smoke Blossom, and we enjoyed that last night.

We spent the evening reflecting on the last 7 years together and our current situation. We've had another kid and two major moves. He graduated from college, twice. We bought and fixed up and sold our first house.

Our situation now is both a powerful place of infinite possibilities and a painful place of confusion and disappointment. We argue a little more than usual these days, but I feel our home is still largely a place of peace. And it's perfectly understandable that in all this chaos we might both be more frustrated and fragile with any challenge or obstacle. I think we are both feeling confident that we will get through this strange spot, maybe a little scarred and tattered, but in one piece, and certainly changed. We still have no clue as to what comes next. However, on a recent frustrating day it seemed that the light at the end of the tunnel was apparently just a defect.

He didn't get that job. They were so gung ho about him. But it's a small town and they tracked down the first employer, who told them his side of the story. I'm sure he has one, that it's different than Hucks, and that it probably sounds valid. But it doesn't seem fair that Peter should be able to mess up our lives perpetually. Lots of people have jobs that don't work out, especially just out of college. And it was an awful experience for Huck. He should have just stayed? With out a contract? With insurance being renegged on? With being sent out of town for 4 months? With a promise of a 40 hour work week that was already 50? With sudden demands that he cut his hair (they did discuss this and the guy said he'd see how his clients reacted, but then just after we moved here, before Huck started, the guy called and wouldn't discuss anything with him but cutting his hair, NOW, before he started work)? And working with people you really really don't like?

Why don't I work? That's a common question. And I'll tell you why: 1) I'm burnt out. I don't want to be running around trying to get someplace just as fast as I can so I can squeeze my expected hours into the time my kids have childcare. I can do without that for a while. I just want a little break. When Coyote's in school full time, I'll go back. But for now, I just want to be a mom and myself, not someone's employee. But I wouldn't be running around, would I? Huck would be at home taking care of the kids and that brings us to reason 2) If I get a job, that leaves Huck without the ability to work, even if he could find something while doing all the child care. So at this point, me going to work kills his career before he even gets to try it... but that may be happening anyway.

And geez, how bout that economy? That corporate Welfare state? That taxation without representation? bail em out but don't regulate em? How bout that? Privatize profits and socialize risk? Help the companies but not the people ruined by them (and honestly, their own stupidity too). They'll bail out the companies that were greedy and stupid but not the individuals that were. I wouldn't doubt that some of the Oil companies get part of this trillion $$$$ package too. I realize that I have to pay for this mess one way or another, but if I get to pick, I want the way that gives me some say in avoiding future messes, but so far I'm don't have that option. The leadership doesn't seem to have a problem with socialism when it comes to big companies, just when it comes to little people. What we told people in the Social Security business is that every time the government gives people money they didn't earn, they have some hoops you have to jump through. For instance, you want food stamps? medicaid? You're money is an open book. The government gets access to every bank statement, every pay stub, everything. The government gives the schools money, but in return they want a say in what's taught and standards. Why should these companies be different? Better paid lobbyists? Sheesh.

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