Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SUMMER: in memorium

A recent review of our wonky summer revealed some cool numbers. So, like National Geographic, we will assess the summer by the numbers:

9: nights spent in the tent
4: nights spent in a cabin
2: nights spent in a travel trailer
?: nights spent in hotels

12: the number of swimming pools we jumped in: Cities of Moscow, Wenatchee, Cashmere; hotels in Leavenworth, Wenatchee and Aberdeen; Sol Duc hot springs pools, Sequoia's pool; Lake Chelan Waterslides; 2 kid pools in Wenatchee; inflatable pool at our old house in Pullman (Blue insisted I mention that).

11: beaches we played on: Hobuck, Neah Bay, Kalaloch, Jetti Island, Matt's in Rockport, 3 swimming holes in Wenatchee, 1 swimming hole in Leavenworth, along the Hoh River, Golden Gardens in Seattle with Grandma Lue

12,964: s'mores eaten along the way
12: properly (according to Uncle Matt) cooked s'mores that we ate this summer. This
would be the kind that's golden and melty, not charred yet still firm.

4: classes Blue took: swimming, sports, art in the park, science

1: major move. How could I forget to mention that?

Sounds like a great summer! Whatever the chaos going on as background noise, it looks like a total success when examined this way.

And: surprise of all surprises, Huck had a job interview today! It wasn't even on the calendar this morning, and now some possibility exists. He just started looking for a job again last week. Ah life! A miraculous confusion.

And to those who have been asking me how to start a blog: Go to and follow the three simple steps. It took me 5 minutes. Not including the full year of hemming and hawing.

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  1. Your old fence is now painted a lovely shade of white. It looks very pretty with the trim of the house and the tall sunflowers. The weirdos on the block seem even more apparent without you. We miss Blue. We miss seeing your family walking to school. I miss feeling guilty for noy seeing you more often and I feel sad that I nver got to be a part of your nights out with Kate. I love the Kennedy school and think it would be fun to help build a McMenamins. xoxo DAQ



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